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Los Angeles Daily News
"LA-based band Taxi Doll is described as a Rocktronica outfit, but I would prefer to think of their vibe as 'When Blondie met Kylie.' Lead singer, sex bomb, and all around pro, Dhana is a mesmerizing, live action, dancing queen with a pretty, crisp voice and an enchanting accent that's one part German, one part Spanish, one part UK, and twenty two parts fairy dust. She and her band of brothers (they're not really brothers) are grade-A musicians who make shiny music with a fully DIY ethic."

Modern Music
"If you like chicks like Katy Perry, Alisson Goldfrapp and maybe Lily Allen. Dhana may go in the middle of same tune with those names, and have got the hypnotising female voice."

Electronically Yours
"We predict in Taxi Doll that we could be looking at the 21st Century's answer to Blondie. Part German/part Spanish singer Dhana Taprogge looks born to be a pop-star. She certainly bears a striking figure combining a 40's style Hollywood starlet look with contemporary glamour."

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Los Angeles Daily News: